Meet the Founders

Like many Americans, Greg and Addie are a military family who personally understand the sacrifices our service members and their families make every single day –especially over the past decade.   
Addie is a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve and is currently a member of the 222nd Broadcast Operations Detachment, a reserve unit under the 11th Military Police Command in Los Angeles.  Having served two tours of duty in Iraq, Addie spent countless hours with our fighting troops and she knows that when they’re not doing battle in a combat zone, they like to take the fight to the virtual world. 

Greg, a former football player at West Virginia University and a life-long athlete, knows firsthand that like our nation’s defenders, when athletes aren’t on the field or in a stadium they love to get on the sticks to pull a few triggers and blow a lot of things up.  Armed with the heart and mind of a true entrepreneur and a strong belief that those who don’t wear the uniform have an obligation to give back to those who do, Greg set out to find a way to show the support of Americans for the millions of military men and women serving around the world.

With Addie’s understanding of the military and Greg’s creativity, dogged tenacity and keen sense of business, the couple founded the nonprofit organization “Pro vs. GI Joe” in June 2007 with the goal to give back to our nation’s military members in a truly unique, fun and interactive way.  Pro vs. GI Joe connects professional athletes with active duty military members stateside and overseas in live on-line gaming competitions around the world.
 Three years later in June 2010, Greg and Addie launched “Rehabbing with the Troops,” a program that connects world-class professional athletes with wounded veterans to provide them with top-notch training and motivation as they work their way through the rehabilitation and recovery process.
And most recently in August 2011, Addie and Greg created “Purpose Driven Rehab” a military support initiative in which wounded veterans execute gaming competitions from a customized high-tech 45’ gaming RV at major sporting events around the country.  The new program works to provide wounded veterans the opportunity to work with and for their fellow service members and interact with members of the public while earning a paycheck.

Greg and Addie live in Irvine, Calif., with their two children, Hudson and Hartley and rescued dogs Gumata and Ranger.